Zoie's and Majestic Spring (Doodle Bug)  puppies born August  27th .2017

All Puppies are reserved in this litter .  

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Stormy is our import with an outstanding pedigree.  Stormy has a big blocky head ,weighs 130 pounds,  never meets a stranger and will  always roll right over for a belly rub.  TY is OFA Certified, 


Majestic Spring was born and raised by Majestic , she is a very nice female with a nice blocky head. She has lots of imports in her bloodline as well and is also Health Tested. 


 Both Sire and Dam have fantastic foundation import and domestic bloodlines... Pups will inherit parents' great conformation, intelligence and loving personalities.. Puppies are raised in a loving environment, and receive the best nutrition and vet care. All our puppies come with a written 5 year health guarantee. 


Socialization:  Puppies need to be  exposed to as many people, dogs, places, sounds, and situations (in fact as many as possible ) This helps them gain confidence, happiness, and trust. They should meet people in your home as well as unfamiliar places. Let the encounters be diverse: tall people, short people, women pushing strollers, teenagers with backpacks, people in wheelchairs, people wearing hats, or caring umbrellas, and so on.

Your puppies socialization is a lifelong commitment. Lay a solid foundation , and maintain it throughout his life. Let him meet and greet new people and continue sharing experiences and discoveries with you. Your happy, friendly puppy will be grateful, and you will be proud of what you've accomplished.

Our Majestic puppies come with a written 5 year health guarantee and a lifetime guarantee against Degenerative Myelopathy .

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                                                                                         Majestic Spring   (Mom)      


                                             Stormy ( Dad )

Girl No Collar

Girl Pink 

Girl White

Girl Orange

Girl Blue

The Boys 

Boy Blue 

Boy Green

Boy Red